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General Psychology Professional Organizations
General Psychology
A World of Prevention
From the Texas Youth Commission this site is a directory of programs , resources and references dedicated to the prevention of child and adolescent problems.
AmoebaWeb is an American Psychological Association Website of the Month, providing over 2000 links to psychology content (including full-text articles) freely available on the Web.
APA Style.org: Electronic Resources
Excerpted from the 5th edition of the APA Publication Manual.
ASPEN: Asperger Syndrome Education Network
Provides information and support for the families of and individuals with Asperger Syndrome and related disorders.
Association for Behavior Analysis
An international organization.
Attention Deficit Disorder Association
This organization deals with adult AD/HD.
Brown University Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
The cognitive and linguistic sciences offer a multidisciplinary study of the mind or what might be called natural intelligence.
Centre for Psychology Resources
The Academic Content Sites contain links to a large number of psychology web sites organized by the different sub-fields within psychology.
Developmental Psychology Links
Here you will find links related to infancy, adoption, childhood development, child protection, parenting, adolescence, and more.
Encyclopedia of Psychology
Search for many psychology links in categories such as Career, Environment Behavior Relationships, Paradigms and Theories, People and History, Organizations and Resources.
Hanover College General Psychology Links
This site offers a selection of generalized web resources that are relevant to psychology students.
Harvard Eating Disorders Center
Dedicated to research, education, and public discourse in the field of eating disorders.
Historical Background of Organizational Behavior
This site includes such topics as Taylorism and Scientific Management, The Human Relations Movement, Theory X and Theory Y, and Schools of Thought in Organizational Behavior.
History of Psychology Archives
Linked to this page are historical reviews of important figures in the history of psychology.
National Center for the PTSD
Created to address the needs of veterans with military-related PTSD.
National Eating Disorders Association
A not-for-profit organization in the U.S. that works to prevent eating disorders.
National Institutes of Health
An agency under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Personality Theories
This is an electronic textbook (e-text) created for undergraduate and graduate courses in Personality Theories.
Psych Web
This Web site contains lots of psychology-related information for students and teachers of psychology.
Psychology Internet Links
Here you will find general psychology links, mental health links, on-line journals and sources, professional organizations, research data bases and other useful links.
Psychology Tutorials and Demonstrations
This is a page that will contain links to hypertext tutorials in psychology as they become available.
Social Psychology Links of Interest
This site contains links to a broad range of subject areas in psychology.
Social Psychology Network
In this site, you willl find more than 5,000 links related to psychology.
Socio-Cultural Theory
Here you will find general articles on Socio-Cultural Theory.
Welcome to SparkNotes.com, the most popular educational web site in the world!
The Theory into Practice Database
The database contains brief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction. These theories can also be accessed by learning domains and concepts.
Professional Organizations
Academy of Psychological Clinical Science
The Academy of Psychological Clinical Science is an alliance of leading, scientifically oriented, doctoral training programs in clinical and health psychology in the United States and Canada.
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Information is provided as a public service to aid in the understanding and treatment of the developmental, behavioral, and mental disorders which affect an estimated 7 to 12 million children and adolescents at any given time in the United States.
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Includes information for the public, resources for family therapists and mental health practitioners, online directories.
American Board of Forensic Psychology
This link leads you to both the Board of Forensic Psychology and the Academy.
American Board of Sport Psychology
Works to provide Doctoral level psychologists with a credential recognizing advanced training, education, experience and competence in Sport Psychology.
American Counseling Association
Resources and information for counselors, students, and the public.
American Psychological Association
Resources and information for psychology students.
American Psychological Society
The Society's mission is to promote, protect, and advance the interests of scientifically oriented psychology in research, application, teaching, and the improvement of human welfare.
Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy
A professional, interdisciplinary organization which is concerned with the application of behavioral and cognitive sciences to understanding human behavior.
Association of Black Sociologists
A professional organization founded by men and women of African descent.
Christian Sociological Society
An organization for Christian sociologists.
Consortium of Social Science Associations
An advocacy organization that is supported by more than 100 professional organizations.
Eating Disorders Association
Information and help on all aspects of eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and related eating disorders.
European Sociological Association
An organization of professionals interested in European sociology.
Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences
Advocate for legislation and policy that enhance training and research on behavioral, psychological, psychobiological and cognitive processes.
FRAXA Research Foundation
This organization supports research aimed at treatment for Fragile X Syndrome.
International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology
International Association of Applied Psychology
The International Association of Applied Psychology is the oldest international association of psychologists.
International Association of Social Science Information Service & Technology
An organization of professionals working with and in information technology and social sciences.
International Network for Social Network Analysis
A professional organization for researchers interested in social network analysis.
International Society for Gestalt Theory and Its Application
The Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA) is a scientific association established for the purpose of promoting the Gestalt-theoretical perspective in research and practice.
International Society of Political Psychology
ISPP seeks to advance the quality of scholarship in political psychology and to increase the usefulness of work in political psychology.
International Society on Infant Studies
The International Society on Infant Studies is a not-for-profit professional organization devoted to the promotion and dissemination of research on the development of infants.
International Sociological Association
A non-profit association for scientific purposes in the field of sociology and the social sciences.
Internet Mental Health
Their goal is to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness throughout the world.
National Board for Certified Counselors
The largest certification service of the counseling profession.
National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP)
Works with state and community suicide prevention programs.
Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation
The mission of OCF is to educate the public and professional communities about OCD and related disorders.
Pacific Sociological Association
A professional organization of sociologists in the Pacific region of North America.
Psi Chi, National Honor Society in Psychology
Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.
Rural Sociological Society-Students' Page
Information on careers in rural sociology.
Society for Applied Sociology
Provides a forum for sociologists and others interested in applying sociological knowledge.
Society for Neuroscience
The Society for Neuroscience is a nonprofit membership organization of basic scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system.
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
With over 3,500 members, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology is the largest organization of social and personality psychologists in the world.
Society for the Study of Social Problems
This society promotes the research of problems in social life.
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction
An international professional association of scholars interested in qualitative research.
Sociological Practice Association
A professional organization of clinical and applied sociologists.
Sociologists for Women in Society
An organization fostering social equality for women.
The Arc of the United States
A national organization for people with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families.
The B. F. Skinner Foundation
The B.F. Skinner Foundation was established in 1987 to educate the public about B. F. Skinner's work, and to promote an understanding of the role of contingencies in human behavior.
The Jean Piaget Society
The Jean Piaget Society, established in 1970, has an international, interdisciplinary membership of scholars, teachers and researchers interested in exploring the nature of the developmental construction of human knowledge.
The Law & Society Association
A group of scholars interested in the place of law in social, political, economic, and social life.
The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Works to enhance the well-being and performance of those in organizational and work settings.
The SocioLog
Links to sociological organizations.
Tourette Syndrome Association
The official web site of the national Tourette /Syndrome Association.
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