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Criminal Justice
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General Criminal Justice
A World of Prevention
From the Texas Youth Commission this site is a directory of programs , resources and references dedicated to the prevention of child and adolescent problems.
About.com: Crime and Punishment
Criminal justice links and resources.
About.com: Miranda Rights
Links and information on the history and the fate of Miranda warnings.
Allyn & Bacon: Criminal Justice System
A start-to-finish guide to the Criminal Justice System & resources.
Almanac of Policy Issues: Criminal Justice
Information and links on U.S. criminal justice policy.
ALSO - American Law Sources Online
Includes online law resources for America, Canada & Mexico.
American Justice Today
A site focusing on justice and social issues in the United States.
Community Justice Exchange
The Community Justice Exchange offers information and assistance to help bring together criminal justice agencies and ordinary citizens to make communities safer.
Resource for law enforcement professionals.
Crime Library
A growing collection of nonfiction feature stories on major crimes, criminals, trials, forensics, and criminal profiling.
Crime Prevention Analysis Lab
From California State University, San Bernardino.
Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
The recent increase in the scope, intensity and sophistication of crime around the world threatens the safety of citizens everywhere and hampers countries in their social, economic and cultural development.
Crime Spider
Crime Spider crawls the web for the best crime and law enforcement sites.
Criminal defense practioner's guide to the Internet.
An educational resource for the learning, research, and teaching of theoretical criminology.
Criminal Division
The Criminal Division develops, enforces, and supervises the application of all federal criminal laws except those specifically assigned to other divisions.
Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation is a private, non-profit educational organization that promotes solutions to the problems facing the criminal justice system.
Criminal Justice MegaLinks
Academic info on criminal justice, criminology, law, and forensics from North Carolina Wesleyan College.
Criminal Justice Resources
Resources for criminal justice information seekers from Michigan State University.
Death Penalty Information Web Site
This Web site and its accompanying materials are designed to assist both teachers and students in an exploration of capital punishment, presenting arguments for and against its use, as well as issues of ethics and justice that surround it.
Frontline - The Case For Innocence
PBS show on wrongful imprisonment and DNA exoneration. Has a discussion section.
Internet Journal of Criminology
Articles in criminology.
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD)
NACJD preserves and distributes computerized crime and justice data from Federal agencies, state agencies, and investigator initiated research projects to users for secondary statistical analysis.
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
A federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information.
National Drug Strategy Network
Works for effective approaches to address the world's many drug problems.
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC)
NLECTC serves as the "honest broker" offering support, research findings, and technological expertise to help State and local law enforcement and corrections personnel perform their duties more safely and efficiently.
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
The OJJDP Web site is designed to provide information and resources on both general areas of interest about juvenile justice and delinquency including conferences, funding opportunities, and new publications and the comprehensive strategy as a framework for communities to combat youth crime.
This site provides criminal justice resources.
Protection Against Crime
This web site gives you information on how to protect yourself from crime.
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Brings together data from more than 100 sources about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States.
Talk Justice
An exciting forum for the discussion of Crime and Justice Issues!
The Criminal Justice Distance Learning Consortium - CJDLC
Provides support within the limits of its resources to colleges, universities, training academies, and other programs and institutions seeking to demonstrate or utilize distance learning in criminal justice and criminology instruction.
The Justice Project
The Justice Project is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to fighting injustice and to creating a more humane and just world.
The Public Cause Network: The Death Penalty
This page is intended to help you make your mind up about the death penalty.
United Nations Treaty Collection: Conventions on Terrorism
Treaties from the UN.
United States Sentencing Commission
The United States Sentencing Commission's principal purposes are to establish sentencing policies and practices for the federal courts, to advise and assist Congress and the executive branch in the development of effective and efficient crime policy, and to collect, analyze, research, and distribute information on federal crime and sentencing issues.
World Justice Information Network
An information gateway and research forum for the global community of criminal justice.
Government Resources
Bureau of Justice Assistance Evaluation
The Bureau of Justice Assistance is committed to the importance of program evaluation and to developing and enhancing evaluation capabilities at the state and local levels.
Central Intelligence Agency
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (ĘCCIPSȚ)
CCIPS section attorneys advise federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents; comment upon and propose legislation; coordinate international efforts to combat computer crime; litigate cases; and train all law enforcement groups.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Prisons
The Federal Bureau of Prisons, judged by any standard, is widely and consistently regarded as a model of outstanding public administration, and as the best value provider of efficient, safe and humane correctional services and programs in America.
The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.
Interpol's aim is to offer a range of essential services for the law enforcement community to optimise the international effort to combat crime.
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Preserves and distributes computerized crime and justice data from Federal agencies, state agencies, and investigator initiated research projects to users for secondary statistical analysis.
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
NCJRS is a federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide.
Office of the Attorney General
The Attorney General, as head of the Department of Justice and chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government, represents the United States in legal matters generally and gives advice and opinions to the President and to the heads of the executive departments of the Government when so requested.
The United States Army Criminal Investigation Command
The CID conducts criminal investigations that range from death to fraud, on and off military reservations, and, when appropriate, with local, state and other federal investigative agencies.
The White House: Crime Statistics
Crime stats from the federal government.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Besides providing a better-coordinated defense of the homeland, DHS is also dedicated to protecting the rights of American citizens and enhancing public services, such as natural disaster assistance and citizenship services, by dedicating offices to these important missions.
U.S. Department of Justice
Department of Justice homepage.
United States Marshals
Professional Organizations
American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)
The AAFS is committed to the promotion of education and the elevation of accuracy, precision, and specificity in the forensic sciences.
American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section
Serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in the criminal justice system.
American Correctional Association
For more than 125 years, the American Correctional Association has championed the cause of corrections and correctional effectiveness.
American Criminal Justice Association
ACJA's mission is to improve criminal justice through educational activities; to foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies; to promote professional, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues; etc.
American Probation and Parole Association
American Probation and Parole Association is an international association actively involved with probation, parole and community-based corrections.
Amnesty International - Death Penalty
Amnesty International USA's Program to Abolish the Death Penalty works toward the abolition of the death penalty worldwide.
Child Labor Coalition
A national network for the exchange of information about child labor.
Crime Stoppers International
The Crime Stoppers programs worldwide have solved over a half a million crimes and recovered over 3 billion dollars worth of stolen property and narcotics.
Criminal Justice Legal Foundation
The Criminal Justice Legal Foundation is a nonprofit public interest law organization dedicated to restoring a balance between the rights of crime victims and the criminally accused.
Justice Research and Statistics Association
A national nonprofit organization of state Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) directors, researchers, and practitioners throughout government, academia, and criminal justice organizations.
National Association of Attorneys General
NAAG fosters an environment of "cooperative leadership," helping Attorneys General respond effectively - individually and collectively - to emerging state and federal issues.
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
NACDL is the preeminent organization in the United States advancing the mission of the nation's criminal defense lawyers to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime or other misconduct.
RAND Public Safety and Justice
RAND's mission is to conduct research, analysis, and demonstrations that help policymakers and communities reduce violence and substance abuse.
The American Jail Association (AJA)
The American Jail Association (AJA) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those who work in and operate our nation's jails.
The Justice Research Association
Links agencies and practitioners in the justice field with specialized professional service providers.
The Terrorism Research Center
An independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism, information warfare, and security.
Vera Institute of Justice
Works with government & civil authorities to improve services for safety & justice.
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