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About.com: Astronaut, Cosmonaut, Astronomer Bios
Biography of famous space travelers.
Absolute Astronomy
Details on anything in astronomy.
Astronomy Pictures
A different astronomy picture each day.
Astronomy Sight
An in-depth, concise web site about astronomy from the Crowell Observatory.
Astronomy Watch
Tonight's sky and astro events.
AstronomyDaily.com is the portal site for anyone with an interest is astronomy. Most of our pages contain observing information updated in real time and customized for your viewing location and time zone.
Biography of Galileo Galilei
Bio of the famous Italian astronomer.
Earth & Moon Viewer
View the Earth from the sun, moon, or a satellite in orbit.
Encyclopedia Astronautica
The Encyclopedia Astronautica is a proven and reliable reference source endorsed by the Encyclopedia Britannica, library associations, NASA, Internet guides, the New York and London Times, and leading space writers and historians.
Famous Physicists & Astronomers
Biographies of famous scientists.
History of Science and Technology: A Guide to Internet Resources
Resources for general science, astronomy, biology, cartography, chemistry, computing, engineering, geology, mathematics, and medicine.
Maps of the Solar System - NASA
Welcome to the solar system surface map database, a NASA/JPL/Caltech spyglass on the cosmos.
Official web site.
NASA Image eXchange - NIX
Space images from NASA.
NASA JSC Digital Image Collection
More than 9000 press release photos spanning the manned space program.
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Works to provide the best ground-based astronomical telescopes to the nation's astronomers.
National Science Digital Library
A digital library of resources and collections for educators and students of all ages. NSDL is a National Science Foundation program.
Planetary Observing
Minor details on observing the planets.
Planetary Photojournal
Educational resource provided by NASA.
Space Telescope Science Institute - STScI
Information and education on deep space.
News and information on space flight.
The Galileo Project
The Galileo Project is a hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time.
The Why Files
The science behind the news.
U.S. Naval Observatory
One of the oldest scientific organizations in the country, the USNO is the preeminent authority on precise time and astronomy.
About.com: Chemistry
Links and information.
Amedeo Avogadro
Short biography of the man who gave us the mole.
Science news, information, and career center.
Chemical Elements.com
Click on an element symbol for more information.
Chemicool Periodic Table
An interactive periodic table. Very cool!
Informational site maintained by the American Chemical Society.
Basic chemistry help is available here for high school or college students.
Cornell Theory Center: Math and Science Gateway
This Gateway provides links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in grades 9-12.
An educational encyclopedia in a variety of subjects.
Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
Eric Weisstein's World of Science contains budding encyclopedias of astronomy, scientific biography, chemistry, and physics.
National Science Digital Library
A digital library of resources and collections for educators and students of all ages. NSDL is a National Science Foundation program.
New Scientist
NewScientist.com is your ultimate science and technology website. It includes news, information, topics etc. in the sciences.
Welcome to SparkNotes.com, the most popular educational web site in the world!
Virtual Library: Science
Links in different disciplines in the sciences.
Arizona Science Center
Hands-on, eye-opening fun.
California Science Center
Stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning.
A museum of science, art, and human perception.
History of Science Museum in Florence, Italy
Official site of the Italian museum.
Maryland Science Center
Stimulates and cultivates awareness, interest, and understanding of science.
Mid America Science Museum
An experiment in fun for everyone.
Pacific Science Center
Seattle science and educational museum.
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Official site.
St. Louis Science Center
The St. Louis Science Center serves as a bridge between scientist and layperson, encouraging an understanding of ecology and the environment, humanity, technology and the space sciences and how each interrelates.
A. Einstein: Image and Impact
Life and works of Albert Einstein.
About.com: Famous Inventors
All about inventors and their inventions.
American Institute of Physics Careers for Physicists
Information on careers available in physics.
Annual Reviews
Since 1932, Annual Reviews has offered comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists. Annual Reviews volumes are published each year for 29 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Physical, and Social Sciences.
Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics
UCLA site that contains an archive of data on 86 twentieth century women who have made original and important contributions to physics.
An educational encyclopedia in a variety of subjects.
EnergyQuest: Super Scientists
Gallery of pioneers in energy science.
Famous Physicists & Astronomers
Biographies of famous scientists.
Fear of Physics
Physics. Explained. Finally.
First Flight: The Wright Brothers
The history of flight, aerodynamics, aero-engines, and more.
Historia: Historical Women in Science
History of women in science with links to more info.
National Inventors Hall of Fame
The National Inventors hall of Fame honors the men and women who are responsible for great technological advances.
National Science Digital Library
A digital library of resources and collections for educators and students of all ages. NSDL is a National Science Foundation program.
Nobel e-Museum
Nobel e-Museum offers information on all 736 Prize Winners to date, the Nobel Organization, Alfred Nobel, and Nobel events, as well as educational material and games.
Physics Central
Website of the American Physical Society, it will answer your questions on how things work and keep you informed with daily updates on physics in the news. It will also describe the latest research and the people who are doing it and, if you want more, where to go on the web.
Physics Today
The flagship publication of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Their goal is to keep readers informed about science and its place in the world. They do this not only with authoritative feature articles, news stories, and analyses, but also by providing a lively forum for the exchange of ideas.
Physics 2000
An interactive journey through modern physics! Have fun learning visually and conceptually about 20th Century science and high-tech devices.
Physics news, jobs, and resources.
Scientific American.com
Scientific American, the oldest continuously published magazine in America, has been bringing its readers unique insights about developments in science and technology for more than 150 years.
Scientists, Inventors, and Explorers
Guide indexed by subject and grade level. Great for teachers, too.
Smithsonian Institute: Innovative Lives
All about innovators.
The American Astronomical Society
Astronomy career info.
The California Academy of Sciences
Three museums in California--Steinhart Aquarium, the Natural History Museum, and the Morrison Planetarium.
The Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge
Information on the race, race rules, and other resources on how to build a solar car.
The Federal Aviation Administration: The Wright Stuff
Links and resources on the history of flight.
The Why Files
The science behind the news.
Virtual Library: Science
Links in different disciplines in the sciences.
Windows to the Universe
Web site about earth and space sciences.
4000 Years of Women in Science
History of women in science.
Professional Organizations
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
The Academy of Natural Sciences, a museum of natural history operating since 1812, undertakes research and public education that focus on the environment and its diverse species.
AIP (The American Institute of Physics)
The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is a not-for-profit membership corporation chartered in New York State in 1931 for the purpose of promoting the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics and its application to human welfare.
American Association for Clinical Chemistry
AACC is an international scientific/medical society of clinical laboratory professionals, physicians, research scientists and other individuals involved with clinical chemistry and other clinical laboratory science-related disciplines.
American Association of Variable Star Observers - AAVSO
The AAVSO, the world's largest variable star organization, has been serving amateur and professional astronomers since 1911.
American Astronomical Society
Official web site.
American Chemistry Council
The American Chemistry Council represents the leading companies engaged in the business of chemistry. Council members apply the science of chemistry to make innovative products and services that make people's lives better, healthier and safer.
National Science Foundation
Works to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense.
Science Olympiad
Information and resources on the tournament.
The American Nuclear Society
The American Nuclear Society is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and educational organization.
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