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General Philosophy Professional Organizations
General Philosophy
American Philological Association
The principal learned society for Classical Studies in North America.
Applied Ethics Resources on the WWW
Ethics resources for a variety of topics. Developed, funded, and maintained by the M. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics (Canada).
Electronic Resources for Classicists
Information and resources for those studying the Classics.
Epicurus & Epicurean Philosophy
The Epicurus & Epicurean Philosophy web site introduces Epicureanism to both the serious student of philosophy and to anyone seeking useful and inspiring ideas.
Ethics Updates
Ethics Updates is designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
Philosophy search engine.
Institute for Global Ethics
Works to promote ethical behavior in individuals, institutions, and nations through research, public discourse, and practical action.
Islamic Philosophy Online
This site contains hundreds of full length books and articles on Islamic philosophy ranging from the classical texts in the cannon of Islamic philosophy to modern works of Muslim students of modern philosophy.
Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University
The Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Institute of Ethics, established at Georgetown University in 1971, is a teaching and research center offering ethical perspectives on major policy issues.
LucidCafe: Niccolo Machiavelli
Biography of the Italian statesman and philosopher plus links to his major works, such as The Prince.
Nobel e-Museum
Nobel e-Museum offers information on all 736 Prize Winners to date, the Nobel Organization, Alfred Nobel, and Nobel events, as well as educational material and games.
St. James Ethics Centre
St James Ethics Centre is a not-for-profit organization which provides a forum for the promotion and exploration of ethics.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Search and browse for philosophical people and terms.
The American Transcendentalism Web
Many resources for the study of American Transcendentalists.
The eServer Collection: Marx and Engel
Writings of Marx and Engel.
The eServer Collection: Philosophy
A collection of philosophical links and other resources.
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This site has a timeline of Western philosophy as well as articles on philosophers and philosophical ideas.
Utilitarianism Resources
A frequently updated list of utilitarianism resources.
Voice of the Shuttle
A database designed to help in your research in all aspects of the humanities.
Professional Organizations
American Humanist Association
AHA actively educates the public about Humanism, brings Humanists together for mutual support and action, defends the civil liberties and constitutional freedoms of Humanists.
American Philosophical Association
The American Philosophical Association is the main professional organization for philosophers in the United States.
Applied Philosophy Group
The group's goals are to teach students to identify ethical problems in Biotechnology; to help students analyze key ethical concepts and principle relevant to Biotechnology; to help students deal with disagreement, ambiguity and vagueness with respect to science and ethics; to encourage them to take responsibility seriously.
Environmental Ethics
This site is dedicated to providing access to links throughout the world which pertain to or focus on environmental ethics and environmental philosophy.
Activist association that works to make lives better around the world.
International Association for Greek Philosophy
The Hellenic Resources Institute, Inc. launched the Hellenic Resources Network, HR-Net, an electronic network based on the Internet.
International Federation of Philosophical Societies
FISP is the highest non-governmental world organization for philosophy.
Kun Center for Medieval and Renaissance Natural Philosophy
CMRNP is a research center which promotes the study of natural philosophy and science in its formative period between the late Middle Ages and the seventeenth century.
Society for Women in Philosophy
The Society for Women in Philosophy was started in 1972 to promote and support women in philosophy.
The Hegel Society of America
The Hegel Society of America's goal is to promote the study of the philosophy of Hegel and Hegelianism, its place within the history of thought, and its relation to social, political, and cultural movements since his time.
The International Berkeley Society
The International Berkeley Society holds meetings, conferences, and symposia, and publishes the results of scholarly research and brings attention and information about George Berkeley and his works.
The Philosophy of Science Association
The PSA engages in activities such as: the publishing of periodicals, essays and monographs in this field; sponsoring conventions and meetings; and the awarding of prizes for distinguished work in the field.
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