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Philosophy of Law
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American Legal Realism
Author:  Fisher, William W. (Ed.)
ISBN:  0-19-507123-9
Edition:  1993
Used Print:  $39.75

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Arguing About Law
Author:  Kavanagh, Aileen
ISBN:  0-415-46242-8
Edition:  2009
New Print:  $57.95

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Arguing About Law: Introduction to Legal Philosophy
Author:  Altman, Andrew
ISBN:  0-534-54352-9
Edition:  2ND 01
New Print:  $150.00 Used Print:  $112.50

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Between Facts and Norms : Contributions to a Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy
Author:  Habermas, Jurgen / Rehg, William (Translator)
ISBN:  0-262-58162-0
Edition:  1996
New Print:  $55.00 Used Print:  $41.25

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Between Vengeance and Forgiveness: Facing History after Genocide and Mass Violence
Author:  Minow, Martha
ISBN:  0-8070-4507-1
Edition:  1998
Used Print:  $16.50

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Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Law ..
Author:  Golding
ISBN:  0-631-22832-2
Edition:  2004
Used Print:  $40.50

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Bounds of Justice
Author:  O'Neill, Onora
ISBN:  0-521-44744-5
Edition:  2000
Used Print:  $22.50

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Broken Contract : A Memoir of Harvard Law School
Author:  Kahlenberg, Richard D. / Coles, Robert
ISBN:  1-55849-234-8
Edition:  1999
Used Print:  $19.50

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Case of the Speluncean Explorers : Nine New Opinions
Author:  Suber, Peter
ISBN:  0-415-18546-7
Edition:  1998
Used Print:  $35.25

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Classic Readings and Canadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law
Author:  Dimock, Susan
ISBN:  0-13-088198-8
Edition:  2002
Used Print:  $104.00

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Color Conscious : The Political Morality of Race
Author:  Appiah, K. Anthony / Gutmann, Amy
ISBN:  0-691-05909-8
Edition:  1996
Used Print:  $28.25

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Spirit of the Laws
Author:  Montesquieu, Charles de / Nugent, Thomas
ISBN:  1-4209-3830-4
Edition:  2010
New Print:  $18.99 Used Print:  $14.25

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Critical Race Theory: Cutting Edge
Author:  Delgado, Richard
ISBN:  1-4399-1061-8
Edition:  3RD 13
Used Print:  $42.75

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Critical Race Theory: An Introduction
Author:  Delgado, Richard / Stefancic, Jean
ISBN:  0-8147-2135-4
Edition:  2ND 12
Used Print:  $15.00

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Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement
Author:  Crenshaw, Kimberle / Goranda, Neil / Peller, Garry / Thomas, Kendall
ISBN:  1-56584-271-5
Edition:  1995
New Print:  $32.50 Used Print:  $24.50

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Forgiveness and Mercy
Author:  Murphy, Jeffrie / Hampton, Jean
ISBN:  0-521-39567-4
Edition:  1988
New Print:  $29.99 Used Print:  $22.50

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Game Theory and the Law
Author:  Baird, Douglas / Gertner, Robert / Picker, Randal
ISBN:  0-674-34111-2
Edition:  1994
Used Print:  $36.75

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Intro. to Feminist Legal Theory
Author:  Chamallas
ISBN:  1-4548-0221-9
Edition:  3RD 13
New Print:  $102.00 Used Print:  $76.50

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Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
Author:  Bentham, Jeremy
ISBN:  0-486-45452-5
Edition:  2007
Used Print:  $11.25

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Introduction to Philosophy of Law : Readings and Cases
Author:  White, Jefferson / Patterson, Dennis
ISBN:  0-19-511975-4
Edition:  1999
Used Print:  $95.25

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Law, Liberty, and Morality
Author:  Hart, Herbert L.
ISBN:  0-8047-0154-7
Edition:  1963
Used Print:  $14.25

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Lawyers, Lawsuits, and Legal Rights : Battle over Litigation in American Society
Author:  Burke, Thomas F.
ISBN:  0-520-24323-4
Edition:  2002
Used Print:  $23.25

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Letters to a Young Lawyer
Author:  Dershowitz, Alan M.
ISBN:  0-465-01633-2
Edition:  2001
Used Print:  $12.00

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Making Law : The State, the Law, and Structural Contradictions
Author:  Chambliss, William J. / Zatz, Marjorie S.
ISBN:  0-253-20834-3
Edition:  1993
Used Print:  $21.00

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On the Rule of Law : History, Politics, Theory
Author:  Tamanaha, Brian Z.
ISBN:  0-521-60465-6
Edition:  2004
New Print:  $51.00 Used Print:  $38.25

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