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Accounting and Auditing Research: Tools and Strategies
Author:  Weirich, Thomas R. / Pearson, Thomas C. / Churyk, Natalie Tatiana
ISBN:  1-118-02707-8
Edition:  8TH 14
Used Print:  $74.00

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Accounting for the Rest of Us
Author:  Hicks, Melanie / Hicks, Scott
ISBN:  1-934748-09-9
Edition:  2014
New Print:  $93.50

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Accounting Demystified (Paperback)
Author:  Hart, Leita
ISBN:  0-07-176373-2
Edition:  2ND 11
New Print:  $23.00 Used Print:  $17.25

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Accounting Demystified
Author:  Haber, Jeffry R.
ISBN:  0-8144-0790-0
Edition:  2003
Used Print:  $12.75

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Accounting II SparkChart
Author:  SparkNotes
ISBN:  1-58663-909-9
Edition:  2003
Used Print:  $3.75

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Accounting Research: Tools and Strategies - With CD
Author:  Weirich, Thomas R.
ISBN:  0-470-50697-0
Edition:  7TH 10
Used Print:  $71.00

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Accounting Theory
Author:  Wolk, Harry I.
ISBN:  1-4129-9169-2
Edition:  8TH 13
Used Print:  $132.75

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Accounting, Volume 2 (Canadian)
Author:  Warren, Carl
ISBN:  0-17-650974-7
Edition:  2ND 14
Used Print:  $102.50

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Accounting Control Best Practices (Custom Package)
Author:  Bragg, Steven M.
ISBN:  0-470-78252-8
Edition:  2ND 09
New Print:  $102.75

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Competency Assessment Accounting - Study Guide (Custom)
Author:  Cox
ISBN:  0-07-235270-1
Edition:  1999
New Print:  $34.50

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Corporate Governance Best Practices : Strategies for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Organizations
Author:  Lipman, Frederick D. / Lipman, L. Keith
ISBN:  0-470-04379-2
Edition:  2006
Used Print:  $67.50

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Dealership Accounting (Custom)
Author:  Reynolds
Edition:  2011
New Print:  $20.00

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Essentials of Advanced Accounting II
Author:  Research and Education Association Publishing Staff
ISBN:  0-87891-905-8
Edition:  REV 98
Used Print:  $4.50

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Executive Roadmap to Fraud Prevention (Hardback)
Author:  Biegelman, Martin T. / Bartow, Joel T.
ISBN:  1-118-00458-2
Edition:  2ND 12
New Print:  $45.00

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Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis: Text and Cases
Author:  Schroeder, Richard G. / Clark, Myrtle W. / Cathey, Jack M.
ISBN:  1-118-58279-9
Edition:  11TH 14
New Print:  $272.00

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Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis
Author:  Schroeder, Richard G.
ISBN:  0-470-64628-4
Edition:  10TH 11
Used Print:  $192.00

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Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting
Author:  Wright, Charlotte J. / Gallun, Rebecca A.
ISBN:  1-59370-137-3
Edition:  5TH 08
New Print:  $155.00 Used Print:  $116.25

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History of Accountancy in the United States : The Cultural Significance of Accounting
Author:  Previts, Gary John / Merino, Barbara Dubis
ISBN:  0-8142-0728-6
Edition:  1998
Used Print:  $31.50

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How to Comply With Sarbanes-Oxley Section
Author:  Ramos, Michael J.
ISBN:  0-470-16930-3
Edition:  2ND 08
Used Print:  $82.50

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International Financial Reporting Standards
Author:  Plumlee, Marlene
ISBN:  0-13-612304-X
Edition:  2010
Used Print:  $35.00

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2007 Financial Accounting Research -CD (Software)
Author:  FASB
ISBN:  0-470-18393-4
Edition:  2007
Used Print:  $27.00

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Mastering Accounting Research for the CPA Exam
Author:  Feller, Anita L.
ISBN:  0-470-29338-1
Edition:  2ND 08
Used Print:  $30.00

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Mastering Adjusting Entries
Author:  Bulmash
ISBN:  1-884826-25-3
Edition:  2007
Used Print:  $49.00

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Mastering Correction of Accounting Errors
Author:  Fettus, Sharon H.
Edition:  REV 98
Used Print:  $39.00

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Mastering Inventory (Professional Bookkeeping Certification)
Author:  Meyer, Philip E.
ISBN:  1-884826-29-6
Edition:  2007
Used Print:  $59.00

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